Parents have the profound responsibility of raising children to be successful and caring adults. However, they typically do not have access to the vital information to make the educated choices to best meet these goals.


 It is out of love for kids, child development, and a passion to about making a difference in the lives of children that Nurturing Pearls was created..                   
…because from a nurturing environment, every grain of sand grows into the beautiful pearl it always could be. Each pearl is unique and special.


Nurturing Pearls aspires to provide books,  products, and resources rooted in child development to busy parents and caregivers to help each child reach their highest potential.
 “Uh-Oh” moments can occur throughout a baby’s day. Everyday events such as playing, eating, and bathing are really chances for babies to learn about their world and share language opportunities with caregivers. These moments also create loving bonds and cherished memories. Come snuggle with your little one as you enjoy the universal “uh-oh” moments of all babies.

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