Parenting Hugs – Attachment


What is Attachment?


Attachment is the trust, security, and affection a child feels for an adult who is responsible for their well-being.

Adults provide positive attachment for their child when:

  1. The adult can effectively read the signal coming from the child and responds in a timely and caring way when the child is hungry, tired, or uncomfortable in any way.
  2. The adult provides positive emotional support when a child feels scared, mad, or sad.
  3. The adult provides positive reciprocal social interactions.
  4. The adult allows the child to explore within safe boundaries.

Why is Attachment important?


Attachment can have significant short and long term effects on development.

Children who have a positive attachment feel safe, comfortable, and loved. They feel connected and safe in interacting with others. This provides a stable healthy foundation as their social world grows and more people become a part of their life.


Ways to promote a positive attachment:

  1. Connect with your inner child…when you have fun with your child, your child has fun!
  2. Sing songs and dance with your child.
  3. Establish predictable routines for your child.
  4. Validate emotions and help them work through negative emotions.
  5. Snuggle up to a sweet nightly bedtime story together.





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