Parenting Hugs – Joint Attention

What is joint attention? 


Joint attention is when two or more people at looking at the same thing at the same time. It allows for a shared moment between all involved.

The importance of joint attention:


  1. Language Development-descriptive words adds to a child’s vocabulary and expands their ability to join words together to form sentences.
  2. Cognitive Development– It helps with concept formation and understanding of objects and events in the environment.
  3. Social Development– shared moments creates a togetherness and bond between those involved. It allows children to build skills in understanding the perspective of others.

How to engage a child in joint attention:


  1. Go for walks and point to things that are near to your child and when you see that your child is looking, discuss what you are seeing.
  2. Discuss pictures in books and things that are happening in movies.
  3. If your child needs support, take your child’s hand and point together at something before describing it.
  4. Bring your attention to your child’s interest. This can be much easier for sometimes for children.


Joint attention is important for all aspects of learning.  Enjoy all your special shared moments with your child.





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