Special Needs

Many children with special needs have an over or under activated sensory system causing over-stimulation or avoidance.

Children need help getting managing sensory stimuli in their environment.

Children can be functioning at different developmental ages for different developmental ages.

A child may be 6 years old but be functioning at a cognitive level of 9 years, a language level of 7 years and a social-emotional level of 3 years.

Many children with special needs are risk-takers because they are still developing an awareness of safety issues.

Helping children to understand the concept of  “Ow” can help them learn about danger and safety.

Teaching children “they can” and being a cheerleader for your child will help them persevere as they work through challenges.

Celebrating little steps along the way, turns into big accomplishments over time.

Joint attention is a foundational skill to enjoying activities and interactions with others.

Joining children in the things they love will help them to be open to joining others in what they love.

Limiting screen time can help kids avoid social isolation. Social skill support can help kids want to interact more with peers.

Openness to life experiences and social interactions are crucial for lifespan well-being.



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